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Ghost Technology, Inc. ("Ghost Technology" or the "Company") is an integrated multinational holding company maintaining offices in the United States, Italy, and the Bahamas, as well as a representative office in England. Our subsidiaries operate and provide services in Advertising, Marketing and Sales.


Ghost Technology's business is international in nature, stretching across three continents. Structural diversification is the pivot of our philosophical strategy amid dynamic economic environments and fierce omnipresent competition. It is our diligence to this strategy that will empower us to turn these challenges into opportunities to enhance our operations and maximize our earnings.


The business plan outlines and describes the strategic programs in place for the development of Ghost Technology. This plan is built upon collective experience of our operating subsidiaries who have demonstrated track records under prior ownership and the core competencies of our management who are accomplished in many disciplines, in doing so, we will accomplish its goal to become an influential force in all areas of operation. Presentation of this plan is timely as we enter into an important phase in its life cycle, emergence from a late developmental stage to a world wide operating stage.


Ghost Technology, Inc publicly trades under the symbol GHST on the OTC Other.


1776 N. Pine Island Rd. Siute 316 Plantation , FL 33322 USA



Synapse TV

SYNAPSE TV is an electronic device which is directly integrated in the television set. On the exterior it is a standard, elegant, 32 inches, LCD, HD ready television set.


The SYNAPSE TV device maintains all the functions of a modern television set (tele text, PiP, etc.) other video sources (DVD players, VCRs, cameras, media centers, satellite decoder, etc.) can normally be connected to the television set.


As per the terms of the agreement stipulated with the Viewer, SYNAPSE TV  changes the TV channel as soon as advertisements are broadcast by whoever attempts to show them to the viewer (therefore regardless of the channel and program that the viewer has tuned in to) and shows viewers other advertisements that have been stored.


The device simply changes channel (i.e. according to the viewer's previous instructions it automatically carries out what every television viewer has the right to do in their own home when and how they please without being accountable to anyone for their actions) and positions itself on an internal program which is entirely independent of the authorities and rights of television networks.


SYNAPSE TV  interrupts the display of its own resident advertisements (i.e. its own advertising), and repositions itself on the channel which was previously abandoned as soon as the program broadcast by the transmitter to which the television set was tuned is visible on the screen again. Moreover, by using innovative variations for management of multiple frame memories, SYNAPSE TV  (on the basis of the agreement terms drawn up with the aforementioned viewer) can also broadcast advertisements (or questions or surveys or messages or information) to the viewer without the need for him/her to interrupt watching the preferred program even for a moment and even this does not interfere in the slightest with the rights, signal or entirety of the program displayed by any television broadcaster (whether analogue, digital, via cable, satellite or even on DVD).

Using the television remote control (a standard single remote control), the User can manage the usual functions of the television set and send answers, views, opinions, choices, and orders without the need to make telephone calls. The User can therefore (for example) take part in games or surveys in real time and completely free of charge (i.e. without incurring the cost of a telephone call): it is sufficient to follow the instructions of every single game or survey-e.g.: "If you think so too, press key 1; however, if you don't agree, press key 2. "Likewise, with no need to move, incur telephone costs or make a note of telephone numbers, the viewer may take part in offers and tele sales, and send requests for further information about products and/or services advertised in any commercial whatsoever etc.


Thanks to SYNAPSE TV , the User may connect to the internet (using ADLS) free of charge and with no time restrictions (but only with downloading limits in force in order to discourage usage for the downloading of films and other copyright protected material) and may chat free of charge with all other DEFENDER Users whenever they are located as well as chat with anyone else at extremely low costs taking advantage of the IP voice technology implemented in all SYNAPSE TV  devices.


With the User's prior consent which is revocable at all times, Ghost Technology Inc is the first company worldwide to progressively take control of the internet content too by deciding, thanks to SYNAPSE TV  own technology, "the presentation order" to the Surfer of results for internet searches independently of the browser used and/or the search engine chosen in advance by viewers (who are completely free to choose whatever they like). When the viewer performs a search in any existing search engine, links to pages selected by Ghost Technology Inc will be displayed "first in order of listing" thereby placing the Company's own Advertising Sponsors in an advantageous position (all results provided by the search engine will in any case always be displayed; SYNAPSE TV  only modifies the order of links displayed on the screen).


SYNAPSE TV  possesses a real time detection system of what is displayed on the User's television set and of data relevant to its use (as per the limits of the agreement stipulated with the viewer and the authorizations of the same which have been granted, but which may always be revoked); this represents the most precise, instantaneous and reliable detection system in existence today (as well as being the only one that can be controlled and verified by anyone interested in all data provided).


SYNAPSE TV  has software that stores the number of advertising clips and all other relative data such as time of display etc. (and other forms of the device's own advertisements) providing the Client, as per the terms and limits authorized by the viewer, with statistics concerning display and other useful statistics for every single advertisement second by second (even in real time and on the internet).


For the first time, every viewer is actually compensated for the fact the he/she cannot avoid receiving advertisements on his/her television set. The User will be credited with a predetermined amount of money (1 cent for each form of advertising shown that is credited to a virtual account which may be brought on the SYNAPSE TV  screen at any time or can be viewed on the internet) on a monthly basis and in proportion to the advertisements shown on the television set, i.e. the User will essentially receive actual compensation for each advertisement shown on his/her television set (the credit may be used for several types of purchase of goods and/or services from companies with an agreement with Ghost Technology Inc or to reduce the cost of the 4 principal basic services:


Water--Electricity--Gas--Mobile phone top up as per the terms of the contract undersigned by the viewer and Ghost Technology Inc).


SYNAPSE TV  is moreover equipped with a deactivation button (the largest button on the remote control) which enables the User, if he/she wishes, to exit immediately from the GHOST advertisement each time it appears and return to the advertisement broadcast by the transmitter... if viewers ever find a reason to want to do so.


In short SYNAPSE TV  carries out the User's written will automatically when he/she-in order not to view the advertisement broadcast by the transmitter on a certain channel-decides to change that channel the moment the advertisement comes on the air and return to the previous channel only when the advertisement has ended and the original program being watched has started again.


Safe Harbor" Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This web site contains or may contain forward-looking statements such as statements regarding the Company's growth and profitability, growth strategy, liquidity and access to public markets, operating expense reduction, and trends in the industry in which the Company operates. The forward-looking statements contained in this web site are also subject to other risks and uncertainties, including those more fully described in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company assumes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements to reflect actual results, changes in risks, uncertainties or assumptions underlying or affecting such statements, or for prospective events that may have a retroactive effect.