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Ghost Technology Inc is a company under complete renovation.


With a young management team and new internal dynamics, the company has been able, by restructuring to embark on new technical innovations and to follow new market trends.


In addition to research and development our task has been to produce a product with a high mark up and profitability and to make it available in all locations where specifically required.


We have researched new technologies, in order to produce tailor made unique services, rather than just the Product itself.


We have become an "Integrated Multinational Holding Company" industrially and commercially established in several continents along with being a Public listed Company on the OTC/NASDAQ Stock Market.


 We concentrate on "the Big Picture" by analysing the Economy, the Markets and Sectors of comparable businesses particularly in respect of economic cycles, trends and market dynamics.


Using this criteria we can bring financial stability to the product and to expand our businesses worldwide. We protect our capital asset in order to protect your investment.


How do we do it? With the "Power of Simplicity"! We act like a family, we share the priorities, delegate to the members of the family who are best placed and take care of the minutiae. We are able to develop the business using this philosophy.


We do not put all our ‘eggs in one basket’ we use our collective experience and expertise from around the world to address specific important areas including:


-       Healthcare and Pharmacological Research for new solutions and new medical equipment for the detection of Cancer cells before the formation of tumours.


-       To improve the Medical Standards of Hygiene and decontamination of bacteria, viruses and toxins that may affect enclosed environments and surgical instruments.


-       Establish new ideas and models for airport management and transport, both for people and for freight


-       New construction techniques for a better environment with lower costs and superior durability


-       New Storage Systems for clean energy and production


-       New technical appliances and Computer Application in advanced sectors


-       Life Style and new Cultural facilities.


What are we doing ?


We are doing many different effective and strategic things.


We aim to select the best professionals and experienced managers in their own specific field. Their details and specific skills and corporate positions will be disclosed as each project progresses. We believe in investing in Human Resources.


We would like to bring to your attention our first flagship, namely the program of hospital and medical manufacturing district in the Central African market.


Senegal, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau are countries where health care systems do not exist. are highly fragmented, with no effective organization.


In collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Senegal, an idea that has materialised is "Senegal Medical City"   ENG   ITA   FRA



This project will provide Dakar Medical City Hospital, a centre of excellence for health care, production of medicines and medical equipment.


An investment of $130m over 2 years will help Senegal to achieve modern health care standards in conjunction with the City’s university epidemic research centre.


Business parks are to be built for the manufacturer of medicines and blood bags and for the development of physiological solutions and emo-derivatives along with packaging of ampoules and tablets.


The Government has allocated 300,000 square meters and the construction work is about to commence.


Our Business plan estimates a break-even point within three years with full repayment of loan capital within 7 years


With more restraint and commitment to repay the debt in 10 years we believe that the EBITDA will be an average of 44%.


The idea of Senegal Medical City was conceived 11 years ago and is now becoming a reality.


ICP a leading healthcare provider in Senegal, which for 11 years has been headed by Dr. Antonio De Stefani, an eminent physician who runs 6 clinics and many surgeries, can provide a network of sales initiatives.


ICP and its operations are very proud to become a partner of Ghost Technology Inc.


ICP being a unique name in the Central Africa market has allowed us to reach an agreement to expand the program of hospital and factory construction in Gambia and to start negotiations with Guinea Bissau and obtained a firm interest from Ethiopian investors.


Many investors are interested in the project, and we plan to organize within the short term, an audit to select the most convenient and attractive capitals, with strong financial and durable partners.


We will present the final draft, which will be released by the end of 2016 / beginning of 2017.

Using our Italian partner Contractor Spa which uses a patent wooden building system we will construct these buildings. We have obtained a licence via another subsidiary vehicle to expand worldwide this new advanced and unique building ecological sustainable technology.


It seems clear that Ghost is materializing as a new, modern and profitable investment opportunity.


We are very proud of the achievements that we have accomplished in recent years and the transformation that Ghost has undergone.


In order to keep you informed we will provide you with a weekly update on the new initiatives and projects.


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